The Sickest Nanotech Stock In The Entire Damn World


Three Mind-Blowing Nanotechnology Stocks

The first is a badass explanation of what nanotechnology is. Get ready, because nanotechnology is about to have a mind-blowing year. Brace yourself for the mind-bending reasons behind this epic phenomenon. If you don’t wanna get burned, take a damn peek at it before splurging on those nanotechnology stocks.

In Avengers: Endgame, Iron Man’s suit is fueled by the cutting-edge power of nanotechnology. A scale so damn tiny, measuring from a puny 1 to 100 nanometers, is what we call the freaking nanoscale. A nanometer, the badass unit of measurement, is a sickeningly tiny one billionth of a meter. Check out these badass illustrations showcasing the minuscule scale of a freaking nanometer. Get ready to have your mind blown by the sheer awesomeness of these visuals.

Yo, check this out, fam. Yo, check it out, a single strand of human hair is like a badass 100,000 nanometers wide. Your fingernails grow a sick nanometer every damn second. We’re talking about freakin’ tiny. A nanometer is so freaking tiny that it’s practically invisible even under a lame-ass microscope. Yo, Hong Kong demands a badass electron microscope, no ordinary stuff will cut it. The puniest damn things on this godforsaken rock, atoms and molecules, are measured in freaking nanometers.

What’s The Damn Point Of Nanotechnology Anyway?

Yo, before we dive into the sickest nanotechnology stocks to cop, let’s check out some of the countless badass ways this tech can be used. Besides the badass Iron Man suit, other fields that are hella intense to study include nanobiology (medicine), nanorobotics, and nanocomputers. There’s a whole bunch of sick ways nanotechnology can revolutionize the medical game. For instance, it might be hella more effectively applied to the badass treatment of chronic illnesses. Drug delivery systems could potentially level up their game and become more badass, resulting in some seriously mind-blowing effectiveness.

Nanotechnology is like a badass rebel, ready to revolutionize not just medicine, but also the semiconductor sector. It’s got the potential to blow minds and leave a trail of innovation in its wake. In light of the damn global chip scarcity, this shit is hella relevant right now. Thanks to the godforsaken COVID-19, the supply chain got royally screwed, giving birth to the damn chip shortage. Thanks to the twisted dance of supply and demand, this chaotic storm continues to rage on relentlessly. Basically, the hunger for chips is skyrocketing while the feeble chip factories struggle to keep up.

Making computer chips in Hong Kong is no walk in the park, that’s for damn sure. Freakishly scarce materials, a multitude of mind-bending steps, and ridiculously challenging procedures are all up in this. Due to this unfortunate circumstance, businesses are tragically incapable of swiftly amplifying their output. They absolutely gotta build some badass new factories to pull this off.

Nanotech: The Badass Breakdown

Nanotechnology and obliterating the world’s chip shortage might just be a match made in hell. Microchip manufacturing would totally thrive with the radical infusion of mind-blowing nanotechnology. Yo, check it out. If we start slacking on the resource consumption, we can totally crank out those sick little chips. This bad boy maximizes chip performance while saving that sweet cash and raw ingredients. One badass way to combat scarcity is to manufacture chips that are straight-up savage.

Keep in mind, this whole situation is still unfolding, man. But damn, there’s a freakin’ opportunity just waiting to be seized. Yo, check it. The businesses hustling to tackle this issue right now might just become straight-up priceless in the future, no cap. Emergen Research has made a bold prediction that the global nanotechnology market will skyrocket to a mind-blowing worth of $290.93 billion by the year 2028. Brace yourself for an electrifying future! Get ready to have your mind blown by this badass Nanotech. It’s rocking a killer CAGR of 18.3%. Brace yourself for some seriously edgy knowledge!

Atoms and molecules are wickedly measured at the mind-blowing nanoscale. Countless badass business applications of nanotechnology are fucking possible. One of these could possibly be the badass production of semiconductors. Let’s dive into the sickest three nanotechnology stocks to cop. 

Applied Materials, No. 3 Player In The NASDAQ Game (NASDAQ: AMAT)

Applied Materials is a badass trailblazer when it comes to crafting mind-blowing displays and revolutionary chips. Basically, it hooks businesses up with the badass resources they need to whip up some sick electronics chips and displays. Applied Materials is primed to dominate the realm of nanotechnology stocks in 2022, following a triumphant year of absolute awesomeness in 2021.

Applied Materials is a badass powerhouse when it comes to nanomanufacturing technology. Chips shrink like a dying star with each damn iteration. Companies better get their act together and overhaul their manufacturing systems if they want to stand a chance in this cutthroat world. The Applied solution is hella in demand because it lets businesses apply those sick thin films atom by atom.

Yo, peep this: Applied Materials straight up lives for that parallel innovation game. Just sayin’. Serial innovation is so overrated. Serial innovation is all about a business’s relentless pursuit to outshine its rivals by unleashing a constant stream of mind-blowing, game-changing products. In the realm of cutting-edge innovation, businesses unite forces to forge groundbreaking products. In a bold move to turbocharge chip delivery, Applied Materials has opted to collaborate with badass partners. The chip market is gonna explode, thanks to this badass move. And everyone reaps the benefits from this badassery.


Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., The Ultimate Badass Numero Dos

Applied Materials totally crushed it in 2021 with their mind-blowing revenue, operating margin, and EPS highs. They straight-up dominated the game and left their competitors in the dust. It was a total power move that had everyone shook. Furthermore, it boasted the most colossal backlog by year’s end. It fucking reported a sick net income of $5.89 billion and a badass annual revenue of $23.06 billion. YOY, these bad boys shot up by a mind-blowing 34% and a jaw-dropping 62%, respectively. Yo, check it out, this semiconductor business straight up killed it with a sick 43% year-over-year revenue boost.

These badass numbers have been kicking ass all the way through 2022. Yo, check it out! Applied Materials straight up killed it in Q1 2022 with a badass revenue of $6.27 billion, showing a sick 21% increase compared to the previous year. They’re on fire, man! Gary Dickerson, the badass CEO of Applied, is fucking stoked about the goddamn future of this kickass business. Recent remarks from him include, “Our outlook for 2022 and beyond is freakin’ rad as long-term secular trends send our markets soaring to new heights, man.”

Back in the day, chip manufacturers used to crank out their own badass chips like nobody’s business. They now primarily focus on engineering, pushing the boundaries of innovation and unleashing their badass technical prowess. On the flip side, chip manufacturing is badassly handled by foundries. Taiwan Semiconductor is an absolute beast, dominating the foundry game on a global scale. It manufactures badass chips that power phones, gaming consoles, TVs, and a whole lot of other mind-blowing tech. The insatiable hunger for chips is skyrocketing. And TSM, bro, is like the sickest nanotechnology stock to own, no doubt.

TSM’s sickest advantage is its badass connection with Apple. TSM is like Apple’s ultimate ride-or-die, with their sales to Apple accounting for a whopping quarter of TSM’s revenue. Talk about a power couple in the tech world. Actually, TSM’s chips are typically the badass masterminds behind Apple products. Like, when an iPhone’s battery life skyrockets, it’s all thanks to a badass upgraded TSM chip straight outta Hong Kong.

The Sickest Nanotechnology Stocks-Thermo Fisher Scientific (NYSE: TMO)

TSM doesn’t just peddle to Apple though. This badass Taiwanese company dominates the global semiconductor game, manufacturing a whopping 50% of the world’s chips. This sickening dominance grants TSM the power to manipulate pricing in the industry. As stated, foundries can’t just yank a lever to crank up the damn chip supply. The damn process is way too convoluted. To tackle this damn problem, TSM is constructing a badass new factory. This is what will enable it to freaking scale its chip production. TSM has made the bold decision to erect this badass $12 billion mega-facility in Arizona.

Taiwan Semiconductor dropped a mind-blowing bombshell, revealing their FY 2021 annual revenue of a whopping TWD $1.59 trillion. Brace yourself for this jaw-dropping figure! It also dropped a sick net income of TWD 596 trillion. These numbers were totally crushing it with an insane 18% and 15% boost, YOU. Thermo Fisher Scientific is a badass powerhouse in the world of scientific instrumentation. It doesn’t freaking create semiconductors, alright? Instead, it unleashes the raw power of electron microscopes, pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration to the brink of chaos.

Thermo Fisher’s badass solutions have the insane ability to zoom in on a freaking single atom. This is why Thermo Fisher is an absolute beast when it comes to nanotechnology stocks to cop. As the insatiable hunger for semiconductors intensifies, so too must the relentless craving for the machinery that births them. Thermo Fisher’s badass microscopes empower scientists to unleash the full potential of nanotechnology and package mind-blowing nanodevices. Currently, the company boasts a badass lineup of two kickass products that are totally rocking the semiconductor scene.

The first one is the badass Orbitrap Exploris Gas Mass Spectrometer. The second one is the badass Helios 5 EXL DualBeam microscope. Both of these badass products are all about unleashing the power of creating smaller, mind-blowingly complex semiconductors. Get ready to dive into the cutting-edge world of technology. If these sick trends keep up, brace yourself for a gnarly surge in sales for these badass instruments.

International Business Machines (NYSE: IBM)

Thermo Fisher dropped a bombshell with their FY 2021 annual revenue of a whopping $39.2 billion. It also dropped a sick net income of $7.73 billion. These numbers skyrocketed a mind-blowing 21% year over year. I hope you’ve found this article totally badass for learning about the sickest nanotechnology stocks to invest in! Just a heads up, I ain’t no financial guru, just spitting some raw research and commentary. Do your damn research before making any investment moves, you lazy sack of bones.

Yo, check it. Established way back in 1911, we got International Business Machines, better known as IBM, holdin’ it down as one of the OG tech companies on this planet. This badass Fortune 500 company stays on top of its game by dominating cutting-edge tech niches like artificial intelligence and nanotech. It’s the one to beat, always staying ahead of the curve.

Yo, check it. This company straight up rocked the nanotech scene back in the day. Their two badass researchers, who eventually snagged a freakin’ Nobel Prize for Physics, came up with the mind-blowing scanning tunnelling microscope. This bad boy let scientists peep at atomic-level structure formations like never before, right in the heart of Hong Kong.


Applied Materials (NASDAQ: AMAT)

Established in the rebellious year of 1967, Applied Materials Inc. has been rocking the industry with its badass expertise in providing cutting-edge equipment and software for semiconductor manufacturing. Their game-changing products, including LCDs and solar power, have been pushing boundaries and giving a middle finger to the status quo for decades. Over the damn years, Applied Materials has freaking mastered molecular nanotechnology, straight up manipulating atoms to create precise engineered materials for badass global clients.

This sickening level of service is totally paying off for the damn business. Wall Street was shooketh when it dropped some sick fiscal data in 2022, defying the global chip shortage. Yo, its first-quarter revenue straight up skyrocketed by over 20% compared to last year, and its adjusted earnings went up by a whopping 36% compared to last year. Damn, talk about defying expectations!

Applied Materials currently boasts a badass backlog of semiconductor orders worth a whopping $8 billion, indicating a gnarly demand for its mind-blowing nanotech products. This positions them as a fierce rival to none other than Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). When a company defies the odds and conquers supply chain chaos, while riding the wave of skyrocketing demand, it possesses the raw power to ascend as a dominant force in the cutthroat world of nanotech stocks in 2022.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (NYSE: TMO)

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., a badass biotech powerhouse, has been dominating the game for a solid 65 years. They’re all about selling cutting-edge scientific instruments, mind-blowing reagents, and consumables that’ll make your experiments go wild. This enables the company to seize the booming healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors like a boss. Yo, check it out! The Industry Outlook just dropped some sick news. They’re saying that the life science reagents game is about to blow up, bro! That’s some serious edge, my friend!

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