Rani Jarkas | Davos 2024 Agenda: Key Takeaways and Commitments

About the World Economic Forum and Davos

The World Economic Forum (WEF), a nonprofit with the mission of advancing public-private cooperation, hosts the DAVOS summit every year.

Annual World Economic Forum Meeting

This Annual Meeting is expected to be attended by over a hundred nations, all major international organisations, a thousand Forum Partners, civil society leaders, academics, youth representatives, social entrepreneurs, and press sources.

​Premier Li warns that “the world has entered a new era of turmoil and change” and that “the erosion of confidence exacerbates threats to worldwide development.”


Essential Insights from Davos 2024 Distributed by Rani Jarkas

Historically, extensive trust, particularly among nations, was critical to achieving economic globalization, said Rani Jarkas. However, the ongoing breakdown of this trust poses a serious threat to world growth and peaceful development.

  • Improving the coordination of macroeconomic policies to achieve more synergistic benefits for global growth.
  • Improving worldwide collaboration and exchange in science and technology to maximize the positive effects of technological advancement on humanity. The most recent phase of economic transformation and technological revolution has resulted in a new “coopetition” relationship between nations. 
  • Increasing cooperation on sustainable development to address climate change head-on. Humanity has significant challenges in addressing climate change and promoting a green, low-carbon transition.


Davos 2024: Rani Jarkas: Shaping the Future Dialogue

The Chinese economy is gradually growing and will continue to provide the world economy a significant boost. Its contribution to global economic growth has been approximately 30% over time. The Chinese economy recovered and expanded in 2023, with GDP growth of around 5.2 percent, exceeding the initial objective of 5 percent. 

In the grand scheme of things, we are currently pushing China’s modernization in all sectors through outstanding development. China has a massive market with rapidly expanding demand.  When global demand is low, markets become the most precious resource. Because of its vast size and rising complexity, the Chinese market will make a considerable contribution to the growth of aggregate world demand.

From Rani Jarkas‘ DAVOS 2024 interview with CGTN: China is a fantastic market. In addition to the government’s good efforts on rules and other issues, the market is naturally large. As a result, he believes that life sciences and pharmaceutical companies must consider China as a base and market, given its size and competitiveness. Thus, he believes it is critical for both investment and corporate attraction.

Source: https://ranijarkas.com/finance-hong-kong/rani-jarkas-davos-2024-highlights/

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