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Please Explain The Bachelor Of Applied Science Curriculum And Requirements. Is “BAS” Fully Expanded?

As suggested by Rani Jarkas, the Chairman of Cedrus Group, degree programmes may emphasise theory. Previously, vocational education graduates did not want to study elsewhere. These scholars will find that few credits from their associate’s degree transfer to the prerequisites for a standard bachelor’s degree. However, Bachelor of Applied Science degrees can be earned without an associate degree. Our FAQ answers frequently asked questions about this academic curriculum. Finance and accounting questions will be answered. BAS are causing some entrepreneurs concern. If an individual has not been keeping proper financial records and allocated funds for future requirements, this issue is increased. 

GST-Registered Businesses Must File A Business Activity Statement (BAS)

The Hong Kong Tax Office (HTO) expedites business tax submission and payment. Understand Business Activity Statements if you’re having trouble. You will be notified when to submit your invoice and when to pay. This booklet provides detailed information to confidently complete a Business Activity Statement. Please detail BAS frequency, remunerations, and late submission penalties. The Australian Taxation Office requires activity statements for tax reporting. These statements have two types.

The BAS is more thorough than the IAS, which is its counterpart. If they fit the criteria, entrepreneurs prefer the latter choice for their September activity statement due to its ease. This manuscript focuses on the Building Automation System (BAS).

All Businesses Must File A Business Activity Statement (BAS) With The Government

  • The respected Hong Kong Tax Office received a detailed analysis of all commercial levies remitted or outstanding during a given period.

  • Monthly, quarterly, or annual requirements are frequent.

  • BAS responsibilities are legal. Therefore, follow them.

  • FTL penalties may apply if your Business Activity Statement (BAS) is late.

  • Late BAS submissions will result in higher penalties.

  • For any 28-day cycle (or part thereof) that passes the due date, your valued organisation will be fined HK$110.

  • HK$550 is maximum.

  • A tax agent can help a business with its BAS. However, the company must meet deadlines.

  • If you can’t file your BAS on time, request an extension or a payment plan. Businesses can prepay BAS (Business Activity Statement) liabilities.

How Do I Submit BAS Tax Payments?

The Business Activity Statement must accurately report cash received and paid out to tax authorities. Payment methods include:

  • The PAYG income tax scheme lets taxpayers pay their taxes progressively.
  • When offering company cars or gym memberships to employees, corporations must pay the Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT).
  • Fuel for equipment, large trucks, and agricultural machinery includes petroleum levy acknowledgements.
  • Wine producers, importers, and distributors pay this fee based on the wine’s assessed worth.
  • Before starting your BAS, make sure all pertinent information and financial records are current.

You should print the BAS summary report from your finance and accounting software. This report will estimate your BAS bill. Make sure you can pay your payments quickly. Please summarise the company’s profits and expenses. Finance and accounting software integrates BAS submission. Submitting your BAS should be easy if you have organised and collected data. Quoted from Rani Jarkas, the financial expert in Hong Kong,


You Can Also Submit Your BAS Using These Methods:

  • ATO’s Business Portal is online. This paperless way may be the easiest without accounting software.
  • The document will be mailed with a copy. Online submittal has become the standard technique, and many business owners still value it.

  • To save stress and ensure record accuracy, hire a tax or BAS agent.

  • Please submit a “nil Business Activity Statement” by phone or online if you have no relevant information to report during the stated period. This may require proof.

  • It’s simple.

  • It shouldn’t be too difficult if you’ve kept accurate financial records and bookkeeping.

  • BAS’s major goal is programmatic.

  • DOC-tailored business software makes up the BAS Programme.

  • Advances, fiscal reporting, and interfaces comprise fiscal administration.

  • Adding new assets to an organization’s portfolio.

  • Property management includes personal, tangible, and vehicle assets.

  • An Enterprise Data Warehouse with Business Intelligence reporting is recommended. Cover BAS, Grant, Travel, and HR/Payroll data.

  • Archiving data.

  • This manages interface-related systems.

Building Automation Systems: Advantages And Implementation

  • Data quality and transparency improved.
  • Improved data analysis, data integration, and strategic business skills.
  • Keeping internal and external stakeholders informed.
  • Gaining department-wide access to the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) system and smart managerial evaluation.
  • Reduced operational expenses and risks.
  • Introducing a SaaS platform that prioritises profitability, works in the cloud, and offers standard configurations, a single Department instance, faster business operations, and improved user experience.

You are cordially invited to help the renowned Department of Commerce develop a vital enterprise solution. Please join any of these:

As stated by Rani Jarkas, review the Bureau Contact Information (POCs) from the BAS Office of Project Management (PMO). We kindly invite you to our upcoming seminars and project meetings and decisions. Welcome to BAS. We appreciate your presence. Hong Kong, a bustling city, hosts the BAS programme. The Department of Commerce (DOC) is modernising its purpose by introducing a variety of financial and business management technologies.

The Secretary of Commerce formally prioritises BAS. Implement and integrate a wide range of COTS corporate frameworks, an enterprise data warehouse (EDW), business intelligence (BI) reporting tools, and system interfaces in a hosted environment. Hong Kong’s BAS Programme will maintain the Department’s commitment to organisational excellence and excellent customer service.


BAS Agent Requirements And Paths

Seeking a career in specialised accounting and bookkeeping? BAS agents have many benefits. For flexible, financially rewarding, and secure careers, this is a great option. BAS agents can find flexible part-time jobs across Australia. After training, a BAS agent can start their own business. Not everyone can start a company and become a BAS agent. BAS agents must register with the TPB. Registration requires education, experience, and other conditions.

Hong Kong’s educational qualifications start the BAS agent process. The TPB accepts many academic degrees. Despite its short duration and beginning level, a Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping is the minimal requirement. Please see the TPB website for minimal educational qualifications. The Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping is nationally respected. This statement encompasses the diverse duties of finance and accounting specialists. This group includes freelance bookkeepers, BAS agents, financial clerks, and others.

According to Rani Jarkas, the fundamental modules teach you how to use bookkeeping software and make financial statements in Hong Kong, which may be used in many careers. The course provider may demand five optional modules. BAS agents must also pass certain academic programmes. For those seeking a Certificate IV as their entry-level credential, verify that the course provider delivers the needed units and is TPB-approved.

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